Video posting sites such as 「Youtube」 and Twitter and 「SNS」 are necessary for future learning. It is necessary to study the teacher’s lesson as to how they can be used to foster the curiosity and inquiry of children and students. In addition, television, movies, animation and games that have been used in the past picture materials are also advancing at the forefront as information media while blending into the new era.

So, in order to understand the way to actually utilize it, I have listed the following research contents as to what kind of research I am doing to prepare for class from usual.

Lesson study
Realization of lesson using video materials in combination with conventional learning prints and teaching material prints
Example: Generate a context (context) that can be read from information media for texts and schemas of textbooks

Teaching method research
Responding to problem-solving classes, realizing a class that solves problems from type and what type of question
Example: Analyze why it happened and how it was done in that era, compare it with the times and the world

Learner research
Realization of learner’s task through statistics of students and statistical data
Example: Comparing social trends with local communities, interviews with local people

Teaching materials research
Realization of teaching material for collection / preserved materials so that they can be provided to students / students
Example: Edit appropriate scene for problem solving for information media

Material research
Realize collection and preservation of video images as a material against geographical and historical events
Example: Utilizing information media for events and phenomena



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